As a theatre festival, Southernmost is conceptualised as Emergency Stairs’ answer to the question, “How do you create an arts festival for the future?”


Presented by Emergency Stairs and Zuni Icosahedron, the third edition of Southernmost features the best traditional and contemporary artists in Asia in a series of dialogues and workshops culminating in a new creation and public presentation: Journey to a Dream.


Embark on an intimate journey of cultural dialogue between yesterday and tomorrow, traditional and contemporary, in a dream of searching for the festival for the future.

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About Southernmost

“What should an arts festival for the future look like?” 


As a critique of existing festivals that often emphasise productions and audiences and are framed from a Western perspective, Southernmost proposes a festival format that is process-driven, artist-centric and Asia-based. Audiences are invited to immerse themselves in a week of artistic experimentation and dialogue across art forms, cultures, time and space, as part of an ongoing exploration of how the arts festival model can be a platform for cultural exchange. 


One Table and Many Chairs

Southernmost is the Singapore stop for the international cultural exchange circuit which happens throughout the year, which begun with the One Table Two Chairs movement pioneered by Danny Yung. 

The concept of "One Table Two Chairs" originates in Chinese opera, where it once was a standardized form of set design. Different arrangements of the furniture onstage would represent different settings, scenes and characters.

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Festival Programmes

Open Rehearsal 

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5 - 7 Nov 

Tue -Thu


Open Forum 

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9 Nov 




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8 - 10 Nov


(Festival Production)

Journey to a Dream 

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8 - 9 Nov

Fri, Sat 8pm

10 Nov Sun 3pm

Masters' Showcase 

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9-10 Nov 

Sat, Sun 11am-1pm

Physical Masterclass 

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11 - 12 Nov


Festival Calendar

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An experimental art pioneer, the most influential artist and cultural practitioner in Hong Kong. 


Hong Kong

Danny Yung

Didik Nini Thowok is a Classical Javanese dancer and choreographer...

​


Didik Nini Thowok

Shen Yili is a National Class One Performer for Traditional Chinese Theatre...



Shen Yili

Muhammad Noramin Bin Mohamed Farid (Soultari) is a choreographer, arts educator and researcher from Singapore...



Amin Farid

Nattapon Wannaun has studied Nora performance since the age of five with his grandfather...

​

Hat Yai

Nattapon Wannaun

Xiaoyi is the founder and Artistic Director of Emergency Stairs. A committed practitioner...



Liu Xiaoyi

Matsushima is a famed contemporary dancer cum choreographer from Japan...

​


Makoto Matsushima

Nget Rady is a Classical Cambodian and contemporary dance artist...

​

Phnom Penh

Nget Rady

Sabrina Sng is a performer and performance maker from Singapore...

​


Sabrina Sng



Southernmost 2018 & 2017 Reviews

“the seven featured artists of the festival… embarked on a performance research project, the main thrust of the festival, where they’ve had dramatic encounters and intense conversations with each other. All of them come from performance lineages that we might describe as the “traditional”, but which I’ve come to realise is a reductive and monolithic term for performance forms that are ever-evolving, whose practitioners are experimental, irreverent, slippery, sinuous and 

extraordinarily powerful.”


-Corrie Tan, review of Southernmost 2018

Through the crossing-over of cultures, processes and products, the traversing of the past and the present, on stage and off stage, Southernmost is an attempt to develop a long-term platform and vision for exchange and to bring forth change...


"Crossing Over as Strategy" by Emergency Stairs' Artistic Director Liu Xiaoyi 

(This essay will be part of a book titled "'Asian City Crossings: Pathways of Performance through Hong Kong and Singapore' by Dr Rosella Ferrarri and Dr Ashley Thorpe from London University)

“Southernmost”: The Politics of Nowhereness

By Felipe Cervera

“Often lost and without direction as individuals, knowing neither about ourselves nor the future, Journey to Nowhere becomes a call to action for artists to collaborate and chart bold new paths together, its own form a demonstration of the possibilities intercultural exchange offers to imbue the arts scene with new dynamism and ideas.”


Bakchormeeboy, review of Southernmost Production 2018, Journey to Nowhere

Review: Southernmost – One Table Two Chairs Project Triple Bill presented by Emergency Stairs by Bakchormeeboy

Injecting dance into One Table Two Chairs by Akshita Nanda


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Past Editions

Southernmost 2017

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Southernmost 2018


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A young independent company presenting an experimental arts programme like Southernmost every year, against all odds, is daunting. Yet we persist because a programme like this, and an arts company like Emergency Stairs is urgently needed, and important in our current local scene.

Emergency Stairs and Southernmost is onto is third year now, in no small part due to the support and generosity of various organizations and individuals.

Your support and belief in Southernmost, and its presenting company Emergency Stairs, is integral to our dream.

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