MATSUSHIMA graduated from the Nihon University of College of Art, a famed contemporary dancer cum choreographer from Japan. Since 1983 Matsushima is the core member of internationally acclaimed Japanese dance theatre company PAPPA TARAHUMARA (dissolved in 2012). Alongside touring with the company regularly worldwide, Matsushima began creating his own pieces, working both as choreographer and dancer since 1995. He has been working intensively in Asia, Europe and the U.S. for solo pieces and collaborations.


Matsushima's work is rich in expressions of human life in urban surroundings, such as mixture of nature and art. Characteristic of Matsushima's works is his unbounded approach. He channels playfully between visual art, object design, dance, music, voice art and theatre. He has developed a very original movement/voice art strongly influenced by Aikido, Iai, Kendo, Tai-chi and other Asian martial and chanting arts. His works are named 'a spatial poem' or 'a humoristic lyrical critique' that introduces new encounters and rediscoveries for the conflicting changing environment of urban Asia.


Matsushima was also a professor at the Korean National University of Art in 2008, 2010 and 2018.